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Heavy Sedation DVDDownload the complete series Now. Only $6.99

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Happy 2015! Welcome to the House

Stacking film 2Welcome to Out the House Media. We got some big plans for the new year to give you the best most entertaining TV shows, Web Series and Movies you’ve been asking for. First up this year is the return of Heavy Sedation. We’ll be starting production with all new episodes this month. I got a couple of really goofy twisty stories already to share. I’ll be in the lab with the pen and the pad working out the rest  if your looking for me. We’re looking at a 5 episode season that will officially become season 3. I haven’t called on any cast members yet, so I don’t know who’s down, but during my hiatus I’ve come across some really talented funny people who I can’t wait to work with.

Also this year I will be writing and directing my long awaited second feature film. More on that later. Believe it or not its been 12 years since Dirty Laundry (Air it Out) was released. Its hard to find on DVD now since its been out of print. I’ve seen new copies on DVD go for over $300. online. Crazy!

Anyway I’m on the mission. Questions, comments, thoughts, please let me know. I’d love to hear from you and I’ll hit you back.


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Heavy Sedation on DVD! Digital Download Coming Soon

Heavy Sedation DVD

Complete Series Volume 1 DVD has all 11 episodes from the first run 2006-2010.

Social satire is a form that is difficult to pull off, but Shannon Newby and company do it with flare. Often called a funny urban Twilight Zone, Heavy Sedation grabs your imagination and touches your soul. There is comedy, suspense, and drama– all with a twist. Share this series with friends and family, you won’t stop talking about HEAVY SEDATION.

HEAVY SEDATION TV Show (Same Actors Playing Different Characters In Different Stories). Heavy Sedation is available from Amazon. Cast: Jonathan Fitzgerald, Ina Farrell, Mike Jenkins, Robert Price, Rasheda El, Kamel Fennell, Jaja Scott, Eddie Reynolds, Damon Diggs, Kory Houston, Brian Anthony Wilson. Running time 4 hours and 35 minutes.




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